Whatever You Say, Boss!...'s Daughter

Video Description: Christie Stevens, an HR rep at a big company, is showing her step-daughter, Gia Derza, around the place. Christie has gotten Gia a summer internship and expects her to be on her best behavior.

But a week later, nothing is going according to plan. Christie has heard a rumor that Gia is dating someone in the company and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Christie sees the conference room and decides to check if Gia is in there. Christie gets ready to push open the conference room door but pauses as she hears moans of pleasure from inside. She is shocked, then nudges open the door enough to look inside, seeing Gia and the boss's daughter, Eliza Eves, both half-naked and having sex together.

Christie interrupts them and tries to discipline Gia but tiptoes around Eliza since she doesn't want to get in trouble with her boss. But Eliza and Gia are not intimidated by Christie. Instead, Eliza takes the lead and they begin trying to seduce Christie. Christie is attracted to them in the heat of the moment but tries to resist, fearing getting in trouble. Eliza assures her that she won't get in trouble with the boss.

Christie finally decides that she's up for some sexy fun with these gorgeous ladies...as long as the boss doesn't find out!

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